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BargeEx™ Security Summary
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This page summarizes the various techniques BargeEx™ uses to safeguard trading partner data.

SSL Encryption

All data sent to and from BargeEx™ is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to prevent unauthorized viewing of data. SSL encryption is used for both the BargeEx™ web services and the BargeEx™ Administration website.

For more information about SLL, see:

Username and Password Protection

All interactions with BargeEx™ require a Username and Password. Cornerstone Solutions Group provides each BargeEx™ trading partner with a unique Username, Password, and Trading Partner Number. The Trading Partner Number is a public value that uniquely identifies each trading partner. The Trading Partner Number is used for directing transactions to their proper recipients. Each trading partner's BargeEx™ Username and Password should be kept private.

Transaction Verification

Each transaction is inspected to verify the following prior to completion:

  1. The transaction conforms to the BargeEx™ transaction definitions.
  2. The transaction is sent from the trading partner who is claiming to have sent the transaction.
  3. The transaction is to be received by a trading partner with whom the sending partner has sending authorization.

Database Security

To protect against SQL injection attacks, all interactions with the underlying BargeEx™ database are done using stored procedures. All stored procedures that return customer-sensitive data have internal safeguards to prevent them from returning data not related to the customer requesting the data.